Episode 1:



Thank you for joining us on our journey to try to free Britney Spears. Below are some links if you’d like to take a deeper dive into some of the things we discussed in Episode 1. We’d also like to highlight the podcast, Britney’s Gram, for the investigative journalism they are undertaking. If you can’t get enough of Britney podcasts, also check out It’s Britney Bitch and We Need to Talk About Britney. And now, some links:

Here is the definition of a conservatorship in California.

Britney’s conservatorship is permanent:

The terms of Britney’s conservatorship are sealed.

Britney actively fought against the conservatorship:

Multiple independent parties have expressed concern/discomfort regarding the terms of the conservatorship:

Women have been more broadly charged with mental disorders to control their behavior:

Britney Spears has grossed hundreds of millions of dollars under the conservatorship: