Episode 14:

Top Hat Topics


Let us know what you’d like for us to cover in our next round of Top Hat Topics!

Here’s more about Danja possibly hinting about working on new music with Britney and here’s the photo we mention that fans did some detective work with.

Here are some of Kelly Clarkson’s Britney covers: Everytime and Till the World Ends.

Here is People’s coverage of Britney’s souvenirs from her trip.

Here is coverage of the Absolute Britney lawsuit over the Instagram comments.

Here’s Britney’s Instagram post talking about Enrique Iglesias buying her a coffee at the Coffee Bean:

“Skinny as a needle” is an already iconic phrase.

Like Britney, Mariah Carey has a signature vocabulary.

Here is more about the Kardashians possibly paying to have paparazzi photos photoshopped.

Celeb Before After is one of the many Instagram accounts that highlights the differences between Instagram posts and reality, as well as plastic surgery before and afters for celebrities.

Here is more about the magnificence that is salted watermelon. And Tajin is the spice Jaclyn was trying to think of that also is apparently delicious on watermelon.

Here’s an example of the coverage of Britney’s potential callback to the BOMT video.

Venice High School was the setting for both the movie Grease and the BOMT video (which Lisa didn’t know). Here’s a video walk-through of the school.

Here is the post from someone who was on vacation at the same time as Britney:

Here is our Twitter thread about the TMZ reports about Britney’s privileges (click on the tweet to follow the thread):

The Mary Magdalene painting that Britney shared on Instagram is apparently a portrait from the 1500s painted by Bernardino Luini called The Magdalen.

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