Episode 24:

Another Top Hat Topics

Britney hat

Here’s more about Jamie Lynn and Andy Cohen’s social media exchange about Watch What Happens Live.

And here’s the time that Britney didn’t know Andy Cohen.

Here’s more about Mona Lisa, the song from the album that never was (Original Doll) that Britney shared on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show in 2004.

And here’s more about Original Doll in general, as well as the speculated track listing.

Here’s the We Need to Talk About Britney episode with Britney’s former Mouseketeers colleague, Nikki DeLoach.

And here’s the WNTTAB episode with Lance Bass from last season.

And here’s more about Lou Pearlman from The Boy Band Con, a documentary made by Lance.

Here’s a supercut of Christina talking about Britney over the years.

Here’s Christina Aguilera talking about Britney and her other contemporaries on WWHL.

Here’s Britney on Jimmy Kimmel when he was mocking Christina.

Here’s more about Christina and Kelly Osborne fighting.

And here’s more about Christina and Pink fighting.

Here’s more about the Best New Artist Grammy curse.

And here’s a list of 30 artists who have never won a Grammy.

And here’s Britney’s You Oughta Know Alanis cover.

And here’s Kelly Clarkson’s Bad Romance cover.

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