Episode 5:

My Derriere in the Magazine


We recommend that you listen to the two most recent Britney’s Gram episodes, episode #75, #FREEBRITNEY, and episode #76, Overprotected, if you haven’t already. And thank you to Tess and Babs again for the shout out!

As Britney’s Gram has highlighted previously, we encourage you to read about the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse, as well as to watch the documentary, The Guardians.

TMZ and People’s coverage of Britney seems to be from similar sources given the similarity in what’s being reported and the timing of the articles.

The Blast’s coverage of Britney has changed from reporting using sources who seem critical of her team’s, to more recently citing sources with a much different angle. Here are two articles that show the difference in direction:

Here is more from our favorite, Elaine Lui at Lainey Gossip, and another celeb gossip expert, Anne Helen Petersen, about how sources work:

Here are the Radar Online articles we mentioned:

Backgrid is the photo agency that has gotten recent exclusives of Britney in the last month. Here is more from Lainey Gossip about paparazzi shots:

Here is Britney’s initial video message to the fans:

And as for those emails she mentions, here are screenshots of the emails attributed to Lou Taylor and more screenshots of emails attributed to Britney.

Here is her next post where she is working out:

And here are photos that fans dug up of a mental health facility in California that seems to be very similar to the background of Britney’s videos.

Here is Britney’s Instagram post showing seemingly unedited images from a photo shoot (?):

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🎩 photo credit: @fiacuzziphotography

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And the “final edit” photo posted on the photographer’s Instagram three hours after that:

Fans noticed similarities to another icon:

And here is her most recent post (as of the podcast recording):

We appreciate you listening!